Billboard advertising mostly a strategy of the past

Law firm billboard advertisingBillboard advertising has been around for a long time. Lots of businesses use billboard advertising to get the word out about their business.

The idea is that individuals driving down the road will see the billboard.  Then, when they have a need, they will call that business. Many also think that billboard advertising has a positive branding effect to it.

Certainly, many business still use billboard advertising. Many law firms probably still swear by the billboards. For whatever reason, some personal injury attorneys really tend to gravitate toward billboards.

But here are the general problems with billboard advertising that is slowly making it an advertising method of the past, just like phone book advertising:

First, billboard advertising is quite costly. It often requires the law firm to sign a contract to do the billboard for a protracted length of time. What if it doesn’t work?  Then, you are stuck paying for the billboard through the duration of the contract.

Second, when you compare the cost of billboard advertising to the cost of running online display ads through the major search engines or social media, it isn’t even a contest. You also aren’t going to be stuck with a lengthy contract if you are able to set these up internally.

Third, when you do billboard advertising, you are likely going to have the same people who drive in a certain location see these billboards. With online display ads through the major search engines or social media, you can target more broadly.  You are not targeting just a single road or geographic area.  You can also target people with different interests, that fit into particular demographics, who read and view certain content, etc.

Fourth, billboard advertising can tend to rub a lot of potential clients, and even individuals in the legal community, the wrong way. This can have an adverse impact on the reputation of a law firm.

Fifth, you are not giving the consumer any content to consume. With display advertising, if an individual clicks the ad, they are usually directed to your webpage. On your webpage, if you have good content, the individual can obtain lots of information about the areas of law in which you practice and the services you provide.

Instead of billboards, think online display or social media advertisements. Online display and social media advertisements are the future.  Billboards are largely an advertising method of the past that most law firms should probably avoid or phase out.

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