What is a tenant improvement allowance?

40521412 - lease agreement with pen document is mockupIf your law firm is looking for office space, one item you want to familiarize yourself with is the Tenant Improvement Allowance.  This is often referred to as TIA.  This is an allowance given to the tenant by the landlord to build-out office space.

For many office leases, TIA might not be that important.  This would be true in cases where the office space really does not need many renovations to fit the needs of the law firm.  For example, with some office space, it might be configured in a way that already fits the needs of the law firm.

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Do you really need a custom-made suit?

Man in Suit

It is easy when you are a lawyer to want to feel good.  You want to feel like a professional.  You want to look sharp.  You want to feel like you have made it.

You may see other lawyers in court and elsewhere looking on top of their game.  They’ve got a custom suit.  Maybe they have their initials embroidered in their shirt.  The suit was not off the rack and it was made just for them.

There are lots of individuals who work for custom clothiers who reach out to lawyers.  They will even come to your office, get your measurements and make you look fantastic.  To begin the process, you normally get something for free like a custom-made shirt.

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Winter can be a time to tighten the belt

Tightening the belt in law firmsIn a lot of law firms, winter can be a tough time.  During the winter and the holidays, many parties may be unwilling to move forward on pursuing a new case.

They might not have the finances to move forward with pursuing a new legal matter.  This can be the case as parties are spending their funds on holiday presents or travel.

They might be pre-occupied with the holidays and put pursuing a new legal matter on the back burner.  In other words, many parties might be traveling, busy trying to wrap up important work projects or they may have the children home on break.

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Do law firm employees feel as if they rent or own their job duties?

Rent or own job duties in law firmFor any law firm employee, there is a job description for their position.  No matter whether they are a lawyer, paralegal or administrative staff member of some kind, there are job duties law firms want their employees to fulfill.

Hopefully, you have spelled out these duties in an employment manual of some kind.  This way, employees know generally what is expected from them.

As it relates to these duties, do your employees feel as if they own or rent these job duties?  The answer to this question can make a big difference as to the outlook of your employees and the success of your law firm.

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Getting over the temptation to do it yourself

Law firm delegationWhen you own a law firm, delegation is really important.  This is especially true the larger the law firm you have.   To make sure that your law firm is run efficiently, the reality is you just cannot do everything yourself.

Whether it’s a legal task or a non-legal task, if you have delegated enough, it can become frustrating.  Try as you might, your employees are not always going to complete tasks as you would like them to do so.  With rare exceptions, employees are not going to behave as you would behave.  They are not going to do things exactly the way you want.  They will not live up to your standards.

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Cliche law firm marketing videos

Law firm videosVideo marketing has become increasingly popular with law firm advertising.  Videos can be used on a law firm’s webpage.  They can be put on sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It’s more common as well because videos are relatively easy to produce with the use of technology these days.  Many law firms can produce them on their own.  Or, they can find a marketing company to shoot and produce them.

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What is a frenemy in the legal world?

Law Firm frenemyIn any area of life, you have friends and you, unfortunately, probably have some people you would consider to be enemies.  Truth be told: In law firm land, it is not any different.

Friends are obviously people who have your back.  Friends root for you to do well.  Friends are happy when things are going well for you and your law firm.  They want to see you and your firm do well.  They offer truthful constructive criticism with the goal of improving your law firm and you as a lawyer.

Friends like this are invaluable.  Friends like this can be other lawyers who may have the same or similar experience as a lawyer or law firm owner as you do.  Friends are often other attorneys who went to law school with a lawyer.  Friends are people who you have developed a good rapport with over time.  And, in some instances, a friend like this can be a lawyer who has more experience and is a mentor.  The reality is that we all need friends in life.  And this is also true in law firm and lawyer land.

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What is anchor text in law firm webpage linking?

Law firm anchor textMany lawyers and law firms have a hard time understanding the concept of linking for search engine optimization purposes.  A link is any time another webpage on the internet point back to your law firm’s webpage domain address.

To rank high online, law firms would historically gets lots of links.  Lots of links meant that the search engine would assume that the webpage had worth and would rank it high on the search engines.

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Buying the same brand and models of electronic hardwire

Law firm computer equipmentThe more law firm employees you have, the more law firm equipment you can end up having to buy and maintain.  From computers, printers, copy machines, cell phones, postage machines, modems and routers and other electronic equipment you might have to maintain, it can get more cumbersome than many realize.

In a small law office, this might not seem particularly cumbersome at first.  But the more a law firm grows, the more of an issue this can become.

Take for example printers you might have in your law office.  If multiple people in the office are using different brands and models of printers, when they run out of toner, you might spend a lot of time trying to ensure that you are getting the right type of toner at the right price.  This can take a lot of time out of the day of your or other law firm employees who manage this in your firm.

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Webpage backlinks are not dead

Law firm webpage backlinks

When law firms would focus on search engine optimization (“seo”) for their law firm webpage, not that long ago, it used to be that backlinks was the focus.  A law firm could pay a company to get them hundreds or thousands of backlinks.  Miraculously, the law firm would rank at the top of the search engines.

Law firms who got this, would rank high and get lots of leads.  Law firms that didn’t never ranked well and probably always wondered why.

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