Do You Have A Need for Speed?

Need for speed in a law firmIn a previous article, I discussed when law firms can have a case of the slows. Decisions are made painfully slowly when a law firm has a case of the slows. Critical issues are often bogged down in endless analysis paralysis where nothing can seem to get done. When progress is not made, frustration can grow–and the law firm’s success is hampered.

But the opposite of the case of the slows is when a law firm has a  need for speed. In that vein, in Top Gun, Maverick told Goose, “I feel the need, the need for speed.” When a law firm needs speed, the opposite is true. Things can get done quickly. Decisions can be made at warp speed. Unlike analysis paralysis, decisions can come flying from the law firm managers and owners at a pace that can make growth and success come quickly.

Is Having A Need for Speed A Good Thing?

One might wonder whether having a need for speed is always a good thing or whether taking things a little slower is better. But, ultimately, one thing is sure: Making a decision usually is better than not making any decision.

For example, if your law firm is hiring lawyers or legal staff for your firm, there is a time to move and make the decision and not keep candidates waiting. If your law firm decides whether to run television or radio ads, there comes a time when the law firm either has to pull the trigger. If there is discord within the firm, addressing it quickly can put the issue to rest.

If a law firm has a case of the slows, the window of opportunity can often shut and be gone. It might be that the candidate you wanted to hire already has another job. It also might be a situation where a competitor has purchased the television or radio ad space your law firm was interested in buying. Instead of putting issues to rest within the law firm, many can feel as if problems are not promptly addressed within the law firm.

At The Same Time, Think Through Decisions

But having too much of a need for speed can have its downsides. Decisions that are made in a rush might not be thought through carefully. The result might be that the law firm becomes impulsive. Fast decisions can often not work in the short and the long term. It may even result in regret and financial mistakes.

If a law firm manager moves too quickly, it can also make others around them nervous. Many might be unable to move at the pace of a decisive law firm leader. So, there might be a need to slow down the decision-making to make everybody comfortable.

What’s The Solution? Speed or the Slows?

Ultimately, law firm managers and owners do need to make decisions. Those in leadership positions around them also need to do the same. While going too fast can cause some discomfort, nudging others to pick up the pace is often vital. Otherwise, the same decisions or problems may exist for a prolonged period without any resolution.

To assist in the decision-making progress, law firm managers and owners should have a group of trusted advisors around them. It could be other law firm partners. It might be trusted administrative staff with expertise in the decision that needs to be made. In other cases, it might be an outside advisor who is consulted. Finally, of course, law firm managers and owners ought to consult with those who the decision within the law firm may impact.

But make no mistake: After consulting all the critical players, the ability to make quick decisions is vital for most law firm managers and owners. Moreover, making fast and decisive decisions is especially important for the larger law firm, where many day-to-day decisions can fly in rapidly. So, while careful deliberation is vital, do not discount the need for speed with many of the decisions that must be made within a law firm.

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