Are You Running Paid Social Media Ads For Your Law Firm?

Social media advertising Law firms are constantly trying to generate new business. Many law firms try to develop new business through referrals or through various marketing efforts. Utilizing Google AdWords or Microsoft Advertising are two options for businesses that have a reliable marketing budget. Many firms are also open to advertising on the radio, television, and in print. One opportunity many may be missing is social media advertisements. Social media advertising can be very effective for law firms of any and all sizes.

Facebook Is A Good Starting Place

There are many social media options for law firms. By far, the most popular one is advertising on Facebook. Facebook features call-only advertisements that exist to generate calls to a business. Law firms can also run lead ads where individuals submit their name, phone number, email address, and case information.

Of course, the types of media used with call-only or lead advertisements can vary. Law firms might opt to run article-based advertisements to lure potential clients to call or submit a lead form. Other options would be to run a video or simple picture-based advertisements with some text. Law firms can also run campaigns that can help generate likes on their Facebook Page and drive traffic to the page.

Targeting the advertisements correctly can be tricky because a business must be in tune with its target market and audience to get the best return on investment. However, in a general sense, social media advertisements can target specific geographic areas. They can also be geared towards potential clients who interact with certain kinds of content online. The targeting can also be based on demographic information.

For law firms who want to do more with their Facebook advertising, they can target individuals who have already gone to their webpage through a re-marketing campaign. Facebook advertisement can target clients who demographically look like individuals who have gone to their webpage, called, or submitted a lead form. Such targeting is called a lookalike campaign.

What Are Other Social Media Options?

Beyond Facebook, there are lots of social media entities that allow advertising. Twitter Ads have been around a long time and are common. Many of the features with Twitter are similar to the features of Facebook.  Twitter is so prominent in society it is a good second option for many law firms to consider.

Other social media entities such as LinkedIn, Snapchat, and even TikTok offered paid advertising opportunities. However, it is vital to know the kinds of clients you are looking to attract because some social media platforms might not be helpful.  Tik Tok is one where users are generally very young, including children. Thus, TikTok might not be useful for many law firms at the present time–even while they offer paid advertising options.

Regardless, law firms looking to find new clients should look at their social media advertising options. Social media advertising can be very effective for law firms when finding and retaining new clients.

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