Social media posts should direct traffic to your own content, not third-parties

Law firm social media postsMany law firms have official social media accounts for their law firm (which are not for personal use). The social media accounts could be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and others.

Frequently posting social media content is important to having a vibrant social media presence. Having a vibrant social media presence with frequent posts is important to keeping followers tuned into what you are posting on behalf of your law firm.

The search engines can also sense when a law firm is posting frequently on social media. Search engines can also track followers, likes, retweets and shares. Law firms that have a vibrant social media presence can result in having their own law firm show up better in organic search rankings.

But instead of posting content primarily from third parties, law firms should focus on posting their own content on social media versus that of others. Lots of law firms will posts articles from other third-party sources on their law firm social media accounts. They also might post videos, images and content from other third-party sources.

Having your content be from third-party sources is better than making no social media posts. But when you post content from third parties, you are ultimately driving your social media followers away from your law firm social media accounts. Instead of staying on your social media page, or consuming more of you’re content, they are going elsewhere.

Instead of having your social media followers go elsewhere, you want them getting their content and information from your law firm. You want the social media traffic going back to your law firm webpage, blogs or your other social media accounts, not to other third parties.

To accomplish this, quit driving your social media traffic elsewhere. Instead, create great content on your law firm webpage. Create great content on your law firm blogs. Create great content or videos on your other law firm social media accounts. Think about creating a law firm podcast and sending out links to it on your social media postings. The possibilities are virtually endless.

But instead of driving your social media traffic away from your law firm, keep them tuned into your law firm’s content. If you do this, you will develop a much greater social media following. A greater social media following will ultimately result in more leads for your law firm.

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