Social networking is the new search engine

Law Firm Social MediaMany law firms spend a significant amount of time and money trying to enhance their search engine placement.  When people search for an attorney in their field, they want to place at the top.  Many law firms understand that ranking at the top of a search engine for key terms can result in significant leads.

Many firms also spend a lot of money on pay-per-click advertising.  This is particularly true for law firms who are looking for an instant shot in the arm.  For many, the benefits are not as significant as they think when compared to the cost.  However, pay-per-click advertisement is still something many law firms try, especially when they are having problems achieving a high-ranking organically.

The reality is with so many firms now having webpages, it is difficult in most areas of the law to rank on page one.  Unless somebody has a webpage with a significant amount of assets, it is hard for most law firms.  It is also difficult for many law firms to spend the money on pay-per-click advertising to be on page one in the paid search given the cost.

Additionally, many of the search engines have made many algorithm changes in terms of how webpages rank.  These algorithm changes can come quickly and without a lot of notice.  One day, a law firm is ranking on page one.  Another day, the search engines don’t like the optimization strategy of a law firm and the firm is kicked back multiple pages.

What’s the solution?  The solution for many is to look to social networking.  Social networking works.  There are many social networking sites out there.  There are many different options law firms can look at to market their firm.  In many respects, consumers now spend as much or more time in social networking webpages versus doing searches on the major search engines.  Social networking is also free in many respects.

If you are looking to market your firm, what is your social networking strategy?  Do you have one?  Social networking is becoming the new search engine.  This trend is only going to continue.

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