Your law firm webpage is not a brochure

Law Firm Brochure not webpageMost are familiar with the idea of a brochure.  You take a shiny piece of paper.  The shiny piece of paper is generally folded a couple of times.  There is a logo, a slogan, some pictures and a very brief description of the business the company does.

Brochures have been around a long time.  Some companies keep them up at the receptionist desk in their office.  In some lines of business, the brochures are sent out as mailings.

For those law firms that still like the idea of a brochure, the try to mimic this concept with their webpage.  They put a logo on a template webpage.  They put a few photos on the webpage, which contains mostly stock photos.  The put a very brief description of the law firm and contact information.  The idea is that of a brochure.

The reality is a brochure webpage will not show up very high or generate much business.  There is no content on the webpage that is worthwhile.  There is only stock photos, logos, puffing and very basic information about the law firm.

Webpages should contain more information than a brochure.  There should be lots of helpful content for the readers.  There should be photos, but not a bunch of stock photographs.  While a description of the type of legal work the law firm engages in is helpful, there needs to be a lot more content on a webpage that really breaks it down.  There should also be audio and video.  The webpage should be more like an encyclopedia of legal information.

At the end of the day, if you want your law firm webpage to work, you need to forget the days of brochures.  A law firm webpage is not simply a brochure.

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