Give your webpage address in radio advertisements

Give Webpage Address in Law Firm Radio AdsLots of law firms still run radio advertisements. While expensive, radio advertising can still create significant leads for a law firm. it can also have an important branding impact.

There is no question that when individuals hear a radio advertisement from a law firm, they can cause some individuals to consider a law firm when the advertisements are tastefully done.  This is particularly true where radio advertising is used repeatedly and consistently.

What many law firms still do is give their phone number in the radio advertisement. The idea is that the individual hearing the radio advertisement will remember the phone number and call.

Practically, however, most individuals do not have a pen and paper in front of them when they hear a radio advertisement. This is especially true if somebody hears a radio advertisement while driving in their car or walking through  store, which is where many listen to the radio.

Because savvy law firm owners know this, many come up with a catchy and easy-to-remember phone number. The phone number might all end in the same digits. Or, the phone number might be a catchy alpha phrase that relates to the area of law so that individuals can easily remember it.

There are even webpages out there that can help you create an alpha phrase to go with a phone number.  For instance, you can try to come up with phone numbers for the area of law you practice by using phrases like divorce, personal injury, criminal law, or whatever area you practice. You can then check to see if that phone number is available.

Practically, however, is it enough to think that an individual can hear a radio advertisement alone and then immediately reach out to your law firm? The reality is that many will want more information on your law firm before reaching out. This is where may want to look your law firm up online, talk to others, or do other research.

This is why a law firm owner should consider ditching the phone number in their radio advertisement. Instead, they should shift toward giving out their webpage address.  Directing individuals to a webpage can be so much impactful because it can allow the individual to find out a lot more about your law firm.

For example, they can research your attorneys. They can review your webpage content. They can view your law firm videos (hopefully, you have them). They can look at online reviews. They can then contact your firm after they have done their due diligence.

Obviously, if you are worried that your webpage address might be hard to remember or spell, consider obtaining an easy to remember URL that simply redirects to your webpage. Like the alpha phrase phone numbers, you can come up with a phrase that is easy to remember for a webpage URL that relates to the area of law in which you are seeking clients. You can then have it redirect to your webpage.  Most URLs are cheap and easy to obtain these days.

At the end of the day, giving your webpage address versus your phone number is the future in terms of radio advertising. If you have a nice webpage, and you are using radio advertisements to direct individuals to your webpage, you are also syncing up your advertising together by using the radio to drive individuals to your webpage.

You can even direct individuals to a specific page on your webpage through the URL direct. For example, you can use that redirect to direct individuals to your “contact us” page or whatever other pages you think is most impactful and/or will result in the individual contacting your law firm.

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