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Law firm videosVideo marketing has become increasingly popular with law firm advertising.  Videos can be used on a law firm’s webpage.  They can be put on sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

It’s more common as well because videos are relatively easy to produce with the use of technology these days.  Many law firms can produce them on their own.  Or, they can find a marketing company to shoot and produce them.

But a lot of these law firm marketing videos are becoming stale and all too familiar.  With many of these videos, the law firm’s logo comes on the screen.  An attorney then comes on and tells the viewers who they are, what area of law they practice in, and then there can be a lot of puffing or bragging about the lawyer or law firm.  The video then ends with the logo showing again.  Perhaps, the webpage, phone number, or necessary disclaimers are shown.  Videos like these are very common.

Other common videos, that are even less appealing, are the kinds where stock photos are used of lawyers, scenes, scales of justice, and courthouses versus any live footage of the actual law firm.  A game show sounding, voice-over then comes on and tells viewers a tiny bit about the law firm.  There are is often some dramatic stock music playing as well.  A lot of the phone book companies provide videos like these to law firms with a template webpage.  These videos can be mass-produced and given to multiple law firms with very minor alterations.

It’s not to say that videos like this can be of no use.  These videos can give viewers a feel about the law firm or the lawyer.  They can help add a little life to the webpage of a law firm.  They can even help the search engine optimization of the law firm webpage where links to the webpage can be posted with the video.  Without a doubt, they might be better than having no videos at all.

But instead of law firm marketing videos like this, think about how you can shift these videos.  Think about how you can make them different from the ordinary.

For example, maybe you can make the videos more like a commercial?  Maybe you can enlist actors or actresses to help give your law firm’s video a film-like appeal?  And instead of talking about yourself, make the video about the clients first and foremost.  Try to enlist some emotion or feeling.  Think about how you can tell a story.

If you do this, your law firm videos become something different.  They can actually capture clients.  They can make them feel something.  Think of ways you can do something different with your law firm videos and you can really set yourself and your firm apart.

If you are not skilled at shooting or producing videos, search for a videographer in your area that can help.  Many can even help give you ideas about how you can be creative with your law firm videos.

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