Recruiters Need to Recruit

Law firm recruiting

Finding the best talent in any law firm is vitally important. The quality of the lawyers, paralegals and other staff can make all the difference in terms of client satisfaction and the growth of a law firm.

To find the best talent, most law firms will need a recruiting wing within their law firm. The recruiting wing could be an employee who is dedicated to recruiting for the law firm itself. In many law firms, especially larger law firms, the position could entail having an employee solely dedicated to recruiting and hiring employees within a law firm.  In other law firms, it might be a partner or office manager who essentially takes on this whole.

Either way, everybody needs to know who is responsible for recruiting the best possible talent within a law firm. It is also vital to know who does the interviewing within a law firm and who makes the makes final decision as to hires.

Recruiters Need to Recruit

No matter how this looks in any law firm, recruiters need to recruit. Recruiting means actually reaching out to potential employees about open positions within a law firm.

To reach out to potential employees, recruiters may need to email the best talent that is out there. It might also require picking up the phone to call the best talent in the market. LinkedIn Recruiter or other similar software might also be utilized to reach out to the best possible talent on social media like LinkedIn. Recruiting might also mean your lawyers talking to other lawyers in the courtroom who they find impressive in terms of their skills.

How Can Recruiting Go Wrong?

Recruiting can often go wrong when a law firm merely posts jobs on job boards and then interviews the candidates who apply. To find the best talent, recruiters actually need to recruit the best possible talent.  Recruiters cannot just post job ads and respond merely to those who apply. Anybody can post a job advertisement and interview those who apply.

Recruiting the best possible talent cannot be understated in terms of lawyer positions within a law firm. The best lawyers often are not looking for a job. The best lawyers might also not respond to job ads because they are not actively seeking out a new opportunity in the first place.

Even beyond lawyer positions, the best talent often needs to be sought ought. Individuals may not even seek out a new job opportunity without being asked. For this reason, recruiters actually need to recruit as a recruiter who looks for the best athletes for their college or university sports program.  Recruiters in law firms cannot simply post jobs on job boards and then interview the candidates who apply.  If a recruiter is merely posting job advertisements, they are not actually recruiting.

Recruiters Need to Be Savvy.

Recruiters need to be assertive and seek out the best possible talent. Recruiters also need to know the general demographic of lawyers who often succeed in their law firm and then key on these individuals in their recruiting efforts.

Some law firms might seek out solo practitioners who are looking to join a law firm. In other cases, they might be seeking out associates in other law firms in the same practice area. In other situations, it might be seeking out lawyers who have worked behind the scenes, but they are now wanting to be at the forefront. Every law firm is different. So, law firm recruiters need to know the dynamics of their law firm.  They then need to hone in on candidates who have the background and experience to excel at their law firm.

No matter the situation, it is important that recruiters be savvy and seek out the kinds of lawyers who often succeed in their law firm.  If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them below.


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