What are you doing with your law firm Facebook page?

law firm Facebook pageFacebook is totally engrained in society at this point.  It’s where people keep in touch.  It’s where people socialize, get the news, comment and engage in conversation.  Like it or not, Facebook is part of the fabric of society at this point.

Many law firms have Facebook pages.  For many law firms, an employee may have set up a page for the firm.  In some instances, a marketing company may have set it up for the law firm.  Many law firm Facebook pages have some photos, the address and maybe a splattering of random information.

The information on the Facebook page is often very infrequent.  It often contains information from third-party news sources relative to the area of the law in which the law firm practices.  In some instances, there could be photos of employees or a lot of duplicate content from the webpage.  But the posting is almost always infrequent and simply encourages individuals to contact them for an appointment when the people who like the page are simply friends, family members and employees.

Is this an effective way to use a law firm Facebook page?  Is there more a law firm can do with a Facebook page?  Or is maintenance of the law firm Facebook page pretty useless and of minimal importance?  These are the questions many ask.

The reality is, as said above, that Facebook is engrained in the fabric of society at this point.  A law firm Facebook page can be put too much better use.  Versus doing the things referenced above, how about the following?

What about trying to get the general public in the area in which you live to like your Facebook page?  What about putting your blog articles on the Facebook page written by your firm on it multiple times a week (versus articles from third-party news sources)?  What about making important announcements on your Facebook page like law firms might have formerly done with a press release?  What about making your Facebook an online community gathering center where clients and potential clients can get information about your area of law, comment and engage in conversation?

If you are about to do this, your Facebook page can be a major part of the marketing of your law firm.  The Facebook pace can actually generate business.  It can also replace the old newsletter or bulletin you used to send in the mail or by e-mail.

The reality is law firms who succeed online get Facebook marketing.  The law firms who are trying to succeed online, but are not, do not get the importance.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them below.

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