Tips for increasing referrals

Law firm referralsAdvertising to generate new leads is important to any law firm.  For law firms that are budget-limited, referrals can still be an important source in bringing in new business.  Referrals can ultimately help a law firm rise from the ground-up to where it can reach a point where paying to advertise is viable.

Even when a law firm is doing well enough to advertise, continued new business from referrals is still helpful.  Referral business can also result in easier client relationships.  For example, if a client has been referred to you and your law firm from a former client, friend or family member, there can be a greater level of trust out of the gates.

Below are some tips you might utilize to help increase referrals:

1.) Develop relationships with attorneys who practice in other areas of law than you do.  These relationships can be invaluable in terms of passing business back and forth.  So, if you are a criminal attorney, develop a relationship with a personal injury attorney for example and refer business back and forth.

2.) Carry your business cards with you everywhere.  When you are out and about at business functions, social events and even in court, you never know when somebody is going to ask you for your business card.

3.) Do great work for the clients you presently have.  If you do great work for these clients, they will inevitably tell their friends, family member and contacts about you.

4.) Survey your clients during and after their case concludes.  If any of your present clients are unhappy about any facet of their representation, this will give you the opportunity to remedy it, if possible, to help increase more referrals.

5.) Participate in as many activities as possible on a professional or personal level.  The more individuals you are coming in contact with in your daily life, this will inevitably result in more referrals.

6.) Become excellent at maintaining your social media accounts and keep in contact with past acquaintances.  If you are friends and networking contacts with people from school, prior jobs and prior organizations, this will invariably result in more referrals.

Many who are looking for referrals join formal referral groups with dues and attendance policies.  While some might find these organizations helpful, at the end of the day, dues can add up.  And attendance policies can end up becoming more of a burden than a help.  The reality is you can likely bring in more referrals if you simply follow the steps above.

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