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Law firm job openingsIn a previous blog entry, I discussed the benefits of SmartRecruiters for law firm job postings.  SmartRecruiters is nifty because it allows law firms to get jobs posted on many different job boards at no cost.  Of course, through SmartRecruiters, law firms can boost different jobs to get them higher visibility in select job boards.

Another job board that has many of the same benefits is ZipRecruiters.  Like SmartRecruiters, with ZipRecruiters, you an get your law firm jobs posted on multiple different job boards through their platform.  The platform is relatively simple and easy and allows law firms to easily rank, sort and respond to job applications.

Similar to SmartRecruiters, there is also a widget that a law firm can obtain and post to their law firm webpage.  This can create a convenient touch and allows applicants to literally apply from your law firm webpage without having to actually be on a job board.

There are, however, differences between SmartRecruiters and ZipRecruiters.  With ZipRecruiters, you do have to pay a monthly fee to have an account.  Based on the monthly fee you pay, you can post more job postings through your account.  For some law firms that do not have job postings up all the time, they might not like the monthly fee.  For larger law firms that always has job openings posted, they might not mind the monthly fee.

Another difference between SmartRecruiters and ZipRecruiters is the ability to select where to boost or enhance your listings.  SmartRecruiters has a very broad base of job boards where you can enhance the placement of your listings.  Law firms can literally select from an abundance of different job boards.  ZipRecruiters has more limited options.  But ZipRecruiters does have their own internal boost option where jobs can get higher visibility within ZipRecruiters itself.

Ultimately, both SmartRecruiters and ZipRecruiters are both nice options for law firm job openings.  Based on the needs of your law firm, you might like one or the other more.  Either way, if you are running a law firm, recruiting quality candidates is a critical component of having a successful law firm.  Both these platforms are probably worth your consideration.

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