Where to post law firm job postings?

9937302_SIf you have a law firm with job openings, the question of where to post jobs is one many law firm owners ask.  Lots of law firms have no idea where to post their openings.

In terms of your law firm, you want the best talent possible.  This is why it is vital to get your jobs posted in a place where applicants can see them.  Most law firms also do not want to pay an arm and a leg to get their job postings up.  Many law firms cannot even afford to do so.

Of course, posting through the bar in your state or local bar associations is an option for many. There are also lots of paid job posting sites you might utilize.  However, this can often cost a lot of money and can result in mixed results depending on the particular board you use and your locality.

One job posting tool that works well (and is free for basic usage) is SmartRecruiters. Through SmartRecruiters, your can post a job listing (or multiple job listings) for free and have it published to a long-list of job recruiting sites and job boards online.

You can even obtain a free widget that contains all the jobs open at your firm and post it on your webpage.  SmarRecruiters is also a nice recruiting tool because it allows resumes to be easily organized and ranked.

If you are interested in getting more views, you can, of course, pay money to have your job listing enhanced through SmartRecruiters on a particular job board of your choice.  The job boards you can select for premium viewing are wide in variety.  You can also enhance the listing with literally a couple of mouse clicks.

If you are a law firm looking to post jobs, SmartRecruiters is a great option.  If you have any other thoughts, feel free to share them below.

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