Are you using cloud-based practice management software?

Cloud based law firm practice management softwareIt used to be that law firms would run billing software on a network computer or individual computer in their offices. To access their billing software, they would literally need to be in their office. If lawyers were at home or on the road, there was literally no way to input time or access their billing software.  Law firms also would have huge storage issues related to client files.

With the advent of cloud-based practice management software, these days are fading away. Lawyers and law firms can now access their practice management software at home or on the road.  In addition to simply begin able to enter time, cloud-based practice management software offers so much more.

Instead of having a network computer in the office or simply a paper file in the office, lawyers and law firms, with most practice management software, can store client files electronically. This means that the client files can be accessed anywhere.

For many law firms with their practice management software, they are now able to grant access to clients to their own files online. This provides such a tremendous benefit for clients because they can login and access their file. This can reduce the need for a law firm to locate the physical file before calling the client back because the client is able to answer many of their own questions about the case status.

With many cloud-based practice management software, the clients can then store and save electronically their case file. Clients can oftentimes upload important documents to their file for the viewing of their attorney.

At the end of the case, many cloud-based practice management software can allow the law firm to literally give the client a copy of their file on a disk or thumb drive. Depending on the ethical rules in your state, this can help a law firm save on internal or external space where paper files had to be actually maintained.

Cloud-based practice management software can also help ensure that all your important data isn’t wiped through a virus or a problem with the network computer in your office. It can also help alleviate storage issues in terms of paper files and on-site electronic storage.

Additionally, most practice management software allows for conflict checking. Ensuring there are not conflicts of interest before taking on a new case is critical in most law firms.  Without conflicts software, most lawyers are playing with fire if they are trying to go off memory.

There are lots of cloud-based practice management software options out there. If you don’t have cloud- based practice management software, now is the time to get on-board and explore your options.

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