Do you have conflicts software?

conflictsProtecting against conflicts of interests is vital for any law firm.  It is vital that a law firm set up proper procedures and measure to protect against conflicts.  Yet, it’s amazing how many law firms have no conflict of interest software that they use.

Instead, many small law firms try to protect against conflicts by memory.  Or, they try and create spreadsheets or an unreliable data base to protect against them.

One program that is out there that can get the job done economically, yet effectively, is RTG Conflicts.  RTG Conflicts (or a similar program) is like having insurance.  Before any initial consultation is done, or any case is retained, the firm runs the names of the parties through the software.  If nothing comes up, generally speaking, there is no problem.  The law firm can then feel rest assured that there is no conflict.

Of course, with attorneys moving between firms, no conflicts software can be one-hundred percent full proof.  For this reason, it is vital that a law firm take all other necessary measures.

But on an elementary level, law firms must have conflict software in place.  Otherwise, you are playing Russian Roulette and a conflict is bound to slip through at some point.

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