Not jumping off the cliff like a lemming

When you’re running a law firm, it’s easy follow the crowd.  For example, many decide to get advice from others that have a law firm or simply mimic what others are doing.  The end result is multiple firms begin taking the exact same approach with their marketing and management approaches whether it actually works or not….

Does Signage Help Lawyers?

Back in the day, signage was apparently a solid marketing strategy for an attorney. Attorneys would open their office on a frequently traveled road. A sign would be put out front and attorneys would expect that clients would just come. That’s the belief anyway. In the days of the phone book and billboards, maybe this worked? Maybe it was all a myth in the first place?

Regardless, are there any attorneys who think this can be a primary marketing strategy in this day and age? The reality is that signage, as a marketing strategy, has mostly fallen by the wayside like other methods of advertising such as the phone book, billboards, etc. It is really hard to fathom law firms that get the vast majority of their business from walk-in business that comes from signage. In fact, there are many law firms that do very well with absolutely no signage at all.