How donating to charities is a win-win

Law firm charitable donationsFor those of you with law firms, there are lots of marketing opportunities for your law firm.  From the internet, to television, radio, magazines, billboards, the phone book and other options, the possibilities are endless in terms of marketing your law firm.

At the same time, in every community, there are lots of charities out there that serve the community.  Many of these charities really do great things in terms of helping the community.  From helping the sick, the poor and other noble and worthy causes, these charitable organizations do great things.

For most law firms, they should really consider allocating a portion of their marketing revenue toward helping the community in which they serve clients.  These organizations need help.  Many of them could not continue to do what they do without financial assistance.  So, why not do your part by donating your time and money to help them?

On a moral level, it’s the right thing to do.  Lawyers and law firms should really play an active part of making their community better and serving it.  Practically, every law firm should allocate a certain portion of their budget toward helping worthy charitable causes.

From a marketing perspective, these charitable organizations do offer good marketing opportunities for law firms at the same time.   This truly makes your donation a win-win.  From getting your name and logo out there at charitable events, to webpage links, to making contacts with other individuals whom might refer you cases, law firms can actually benefit by donating their time and dollars to charitable organizations.

In many ways, the exposure a law firm can get by helping charitable organizations can end up helping the law firm.  It can raise the esteem and respect of the law firm.  It can actually result in exposure from other quality individuals who support charitable causes.  These contacts can result in referrals, business relationships being formed and good firm bonding opportunities at charitable events, like galas, auctions, dinners, etc.

In all reality, the exposure a law firm can get from helping support or sponsor a charitable organization might be better than the exposure a law firm might get simply by marketing in ways that law firms typically market themselves.  Lawyers and law firms might even be able to deduct certain donations on their taxes.

Obviously, a law firm should support charitable organizations first and foremost because it’s the right thing to do.  But from a marketing and teamwork perspective, law firms should understand that supporting charitable organizations will likely benefit your law firm in ways you might not have considered.

So, instead of spending some more money on advertising in ways you typically would, think about allocating some of your marketing budget toward helping worthy organizations in need in your area.

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