Does Signage Help Lawyers?

31605908_SBack in the day, signage was apparently a solid marketing strategy for an attorney.  Attorneys would open their offices on a frequently traveled road.  A sign would be put out front and attorneys would expect that clients would just come.  That’s the belief anyway.  In the days of the phone book and billboards, maybe this worked?  Maybe it was all a myth in the first place?

Regardless, are there any attorneys who think this can be a primary marketing strategy in this day and age?  The reality is that signage, as a marketing strategy, has mostly fallen by the wayside like other methods of advertising such as the phone book, billboards, etc.  It is really hard to fathom law firms that get the majority of their business from walk-in business that comes from signage.  In fact, many law firms do very well with absolutely no signage at all.

There is nothing wrong with putting a nice sign in front of your law firm if you are on a frequently traveled road.  It allows clients to find your location easier, know they are in the right place, not circle the area, etc.  But the reality is that signage can rarely be a primary marketing plan for a law firm.  Few clients (besides those with traffic tickets) are likely to pull in and simply hire an attorney based on signage.

Some large, hundred plus attorney firms will indeed put their name on tall, downtown buildings in major cities for branding purposes.  Yet, most small firms don’t have the money to put their law firm’s name and logo on a downtown high rise.  Even if they did, branding does not usually result in quick, new client generation.  Branding takes considerable time and patience.

The reality is that if you are a start-up law firm, or small law firm, that needs clients quickly, you need a marketing strategy beyond signage.  A nice sign can look nice and make you feel good as you pull into your law office each day.  But you should really be looking for other ways to generate new business if this is your primary goal.

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