Be sure to follow the cheese

law firm advertisingMarketing is an important component of running a law firm.  Whether the marketing is done online or is through radio, television, the phone book, signage, print or word of mouth, it’s important for a law firm to attract new leads.

Law firms have a tendency to stick with what has worked in the past.  What has worked in the past can cause a law firm to become comfortable with the approach.  This comfort can cause a law firm to think that there is only one or two ways to market the law firm.  It can also cause a law firm to not adapt to where the cheese is moving.

The reality is that what worked in the past might not work tomorrow.  What worked a year ago, five years ago or ten years ago might not work now.  The reality is you have to watch the cheese.  The cheese can literally move while a law firm is not looking.  In some ways, it can feel like the cheese has moved overnight.

When the cheese moves, a law firm that doesn’t move with it can have a tendency to be left behind.  A law firm that used to be growing at a rapid pace can all of a sudden begin shrinking.  If the law firm doesn’t adapt by moving with the cheese, the law firm can ultimately end up in a poor financial position.

While the examples are endless, many law firms even a decade ago spent a lot of their advertising dollars on the phone book.  When the cheese moved online, many law firms didn’t move with the cheese.  This caused the firms that were savvy online to grow, while the firms that stayed with the phone book fell behind.

Now, most law firms do some kind of online advertising.  However, the way online advertising is taking place is already starting to change. The way law firms advertised online is different today from how they advertised online even just a few short years ago.  So, you have to be certain that you do not get stuck in your ways and follow the cheese if you want your law firm to succeed.

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