Coronavirus: Adding Video Conference Technology Into Your Law Practice

Video conference and law firmsVideo technology has long been helpful in almost every sector of business, including the legal industry. From engaging new clients, or communicating with existing clients, video conference technology has been on the rise for some time now.

However, with the advent of the Coronavirus, video conference technology is becoming increasingly more important. Some lawyers may need to quarantine, for example, if they believe they have been exposed to somebody with the Coronavirus. Almost everybody else is supposed to be engaging in social distancing for the time-being as much as possible.

The practical result of the Coronavirus is that most law firms have either two options: (1) They can continue to communicate with potential clients or clients in-person regardless, or (2) they can do all of their communication over the phone. The problem with the phone is the inability to see the other person. This can be a hindrance to all forms of effective communication. The hindrance can be particularly true as it relates to retaining new clients.

Many potential clients are leery of hiring a lawyer they have not met. Many want to see the lawyer they would be hiring in-person. They want to see facial expressions, body expressions, engagement, and overall presentation. Potential clients also want to know if they feel a personal connection with their lawyer. For all of these reasons, it can be hard for any prospective client to feel good enough about a phone call with a lawyer to pull the trigger on hiring that lawyer.

Most law firms hold various meetings regularly. The meetings can be for lawyers or various administrative staff to talk about cases, discuss protocols, get on the same page, etc. Instead of canceling these meetings, moving these meetings to video conference is often the best answer.

This is where video conferencing may end up separating the law firms that succeed or fail during the Coronavirus Pandemic. For law firms that have been resistant to the idea of video conferencing, now is the time to give it a try. It is simple, easy, and effective.

Many lawyers might be resistant to the idea. They may think that this technology is difficult to use. But this is no longer the case. Most laptop computers have a camera on it that allows for a video conference. Video conferencing can also take place on most smartphones.

Further, most video conferencing software is not expensive. There are also numerous video conferencing options online for those lawyers and law firms that do thorough research. Some of the video conferencing software is free.

Presently, nobody even knows how long the Coronavirus Pandemic will continue. Will this be short-term? Or will it last long-term? To prepare for the worst, law firms should really think long and hard about incorporating video conference technology immediately as it relates to communicating internally and with potential and prospective clients.

In terms of potential clients, most law firms need new clients to survive. Most law firms also need to ensure that they are engaging with current clients and other employees. While the Coronavius has changed the legal landscape significantly, lawyers must adapt so that they are effectively communicating with their current and prospective clients during these difficult times.

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