Your Potential Clients May Not Be Calling

Potential clients not callingMany lawyers and law firms are used to potential clients reaching out to them by telephone. For this reason, they install a great telephone system in their law firm to take these calls. They might hire receptionists or an intake crew to respond to these telephone calls as well.

When telephone calls come in, they are likely quick to respond to these calls (as they should when potential clients call). Or, they are quick to have their staff return these calls (as they should when potential clients call). Certainly, many potential clients still choose to call.

The reality today, however, is your potential clients may not be calling. Instead of calling, they may be reaching out to you in other ways. They might want to text. They might want to reach out through a chat feature. They might want to reach out by email. They might reach out through social media.

When potential clients reach out by text, chat, or email, many are tempted to get these potential clients on the phone to find out more and set an initial consultation. The old-school viewpoint of many is that the telephone is somehow a superior means of communication in terms of responding to potential clients.

But in this day and age, the truth is that people communicate less by telephone. Most realize that when they think about the way they communicate with others, the telephone is falling further by the wayside. Instead, more individuals choose to text, email, chat, and reach out through social media on an increasing basis (versus picking up a telephone).

Thus, why would it be any different as it relates to potential clients reaching out to a law firm? The truth is many potential clients are uncomfortable talking about their legal situation on the phone. They might be at work when they reach out. They might be around others when they reach out. They might feel more safe and secure communicating about their situation while not on the phone.

For this reason, adjust and learn ways to respond to potential clients by text, chat, email, and social media. Do not instantly try to get potential clients who are not reaching out by telephone to get on the telephone with you. If you do that, many potential clients will not be receptive. There is a reason they did not pick up the telephone to call you in the first place.

Instead, figure out ways you can converse, connect, and set initial consultations with these individuals by the medium they have chosen. Law firms that embrace this will be a step ahead of the competition.

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