What is the page rank of your law firm webpage?

Law firm webpage page rankMany spend a lot of time on pay-per-click advertising in attempt at driving traffic to their law firm webpage. The hope is that this traffic will ultimately result in leads. These leads are then supposed to turn into new clients.

Of course, the cost of pay-per-click advertising is enormously expensive. For many who don’t know what they are doing, they can burn through a lot of law firm cash in short order with minimal results.

At the same time, many enlist the help of a pay-per-click guru to attempt to run their pay-per-click advertising.   This sounds great in theory because these gurus are supposed to know what they are doing. But what if they do not? And how much are you paying them to run your pay-per-click campaign? Also, if you run out of money at some point, what’s your marketing strategy beyond pay-per-click advertising?

That’s where the organic ranking of a webpage is critical. If a webpage shows up well organically, the pay-per-click advertising becomes less important. This is because traffic is being driven to your webpage apart from the expensive pay-per-click advertising.   It also means that if your pay-per-click advertising has to come down for some period of time, or has to be downsized, your phones and leads don’t simply die.

One way to tell whether your webpage is showing up well organically is to check the page rank of your webpage. The higher the page rank of your website, the more traffic that is coming to your site organically.   The more traffic that is coming to your law firm webpage organically, the likelihood is that there are less peaks and valleys for your law practice.

Of course, increasing the page rank of your webpage isn’t easy. Like knowing how to analyze stocks, the various indicators stock traders look at to judge the value of a particular stock, raising the ranking of your webpage takes still and precision.

It requires that you understand deeply why the search engines rank some webpages high and some webpages lower. The reality is that this not random and a lot of factors come into play in terms of the organic rankings of webpage.

But one place to start is to check the page rank of your webpage online for free. The higher the page rank of your webpage, the reality is that this is a great indicator of how well your webpage is doing organically.

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