How much to spend on law firm office furniture?

Law firm office furnitureWhen lawyers start a law firm, the decision about what type of furniture to buy is a big one.  Lawyers inherently have a tendency to chase the shiny objects.  Thus, most lawyers want the most impressive furniture possible right out of the gates.

So, for the receptionist area, the conference room and the attorney offices, and throughout the entire law office, lawyers can easily decide to go overboard on the furniture.  It makes sense in a lot of ways.  It can feel good to have nice things.  It can make an attorney feel like they’ve made it, that they are now successful, etc.

Some lawyers can really get caught up on the furniture and the look of the office.  Obviously, it’s not good for business to have clients and potential clients coming into an office and be turned off by what they see.  It definitely is not helpful is the furniture is worn down, out-of-date and sends the message of a law firm that is not first-rate.

At the same time, inexpensive furniture can be purchased for a law firm at a reasonable cost if the law firm is smart about it.  There are lots of stores where nice furniture can be purchased inexpensively.  Furniture can also be purchased online or through second-hand stores.

Unless funds are limitless, the reality is that most law firm needs to ensure that they save enough money for other important matters, including marketing, salaries and other overheard.  For most law firms, it isn’t wise to over-extend and purchase office furniture on credit.

At the end of the day, no matter the temptation, stay within your budget with the office furniture.  You can always upgrade later when there are more funds available.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them below.

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