Phone systems for your law firm

VoIP Law FirmIf you are trying to set up a phone system for your law firm, this can be a difficult decision.  The phone system you use can have a direct impact on the success of your law firm.  If clients and potential clients cannot reach you easily, it can hurt your business.

Prior to VoIP, most law firms would run a multi-line phone system into their law firm of some kind.  These multi-line phone systems usually consisted of a hard unit of some variety with multiple phone lines being wired into and out of the phone system.  Then, the phones in the office of an attorney usually consisted of multiple phone wires being plugged into the phone (which was not aesthetically pleasing and could even result in cords being tangled).

Worse yet, at times, some phone systems could literally run out of lines during peak hours and be busy when clients and potential clients would call.  Having your phone ring busy is certainly no way to run an effective business.

VoIP has been around a long time now and is an easy solution for most law firms.  VoIP stands for voice over IP.  With VoIP, your phone system runs through the wireless internet in your office.  You literally are able to e-mail, fax and talk on the telephone via the Internet.  VoIP users can also pick up their telephones and take them elsewhere and use them wherever there is an Internet connection.  Your office law firm will also not have that dreaded busy single when clients call.

Versus the giant phone systems that you use to have in your law office, these systems are usually small and easy to install.  They do require a hi-speed Internet connection to make sure that it runs quickly and efficiently.

Another advantage is that if you are running a multi-office law firm, offices can communicate with one another as if they were in the same location.  This allows those on a VoIP phone system to be able to transfer calls, and dial extensions within their law firm, without having to pick up the phone and dial the number of another satellite offices.  Better yet, in most instances, VoIP can also save you money on your phone bill

Today, there are many different companies that offer VoIP services.  If you are interested in VoIP services for your law firm, there are going to be many different options at your disposal if you do some research.  So, if you are thinking about a phone system of your law firm, strongly consider a VoIP service.

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