Location matters as it relates to law firm office space

Law firm office locationIf you are opening a law firm, or are thinking of relocating your current space, location does matter.  Location is not something you should take lightly.  Location can make or break your law firm.

So, you need to think about this decision critically.  Who is the clientele in which you are trying to appeal?  What age group and demographic are you trying to reach?  What’s the location of your office to other businesses and the courthouse?  What county are you going to put your law firm office in?  What would a certain location say about your law firm to the average client?

Before you sign on to space, you need to think about this decision long and hard.  If you need help, a real estate agent can help you get some of the data and figures for you.  Obviously, online you can obtain lots of demographic information as well.

There is not always a right or wrong answer.  One might be able to make a case for one location or the other based on the vision and the direction of the law firm.

However, the location does need to have symmetry with the overall vision of your law firm.  What do you want your law firm to be?  To whom do you want it to appeal?  Obviously, whatever that is, your law firm needs to be in a location that helps fulfill that vision.  Your location does say something about your law firm to most clients.

The clients also need to be put first in terms of the location as well.  Making the location convenient for the law firm owners and employees is one consideration.  But that needs to take a backseat to the clients in which the law firm is trying to appeal.

At the end of the day, think long and hard about your law firm office location.  Make sure you have made the decision wisely.

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