How to setup a network drive for your law firm

Law firm network driveAn important technological component of a law office is having a network drive that employees can access.  A network drive can create a central location for the important documents of the law firm.

On the network drive, forms can be stored for use by the law firm.  The forms can be legal form templates.  It can contain administrative forms, fee agreements and other necessary documents to ensure the smooth operation of the firm.  Employees can have their own folders on these drives as well where they store the legal work they do and drafts.

Many when starting their law firm will spend significant sums to have a computer technology company setup a network drive.  Obviously, it’s important that the network drive be safe and secure.  Others outside the law firm should not be able to access.

But by following some simple steps, most with reasonable computer skills will be able to set up a network drive on their own (and this link can help show you how).  If you are not able to set up a network drive on your own, you ought to be able to find a computer technician who can do so at a reasonable cost.

Certainly as well, with the advent of cloud based practice management software, many are storing their documents through a cloud service.  This makes sense because it can help ensure that this data is stored off-site as well.  This can allow attorneys to access documents and work from home.  It can also provide protection in case of a virus.

At the same time, having a network drive in the office (in addition to cloud based practice management software) is helpful to many law firms.

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