Do not be a lawyer in a wrinkled suit

Lawyer in wrinkled suitAs I have referenced previously, clients view you in many ways based on your appearance. Fair or not, that is the reality of the situation. You have to look like a top-notch attorney when you are meeting potential clients and appearing in court.

One area where clients can automatically lower their standing in the minds of potential clients and clients is when they show up to a meeting or a court appearance in a wrinkled suit. A wrinkled suit (or other wrinkled clothing) is a terrible way for a lawyer to make an impression.

When a lawyer shows up in a wrinkled suit, many potential clients will go elsewhere. Even if they do not go elsewhere, appearing in a wrinkled suit can have a direct impact on the quality of clients a lawyer gets. A lawyer in a wrinkled suit probably has to charge less. A lawyer in a wrinkled suit probably does not get the high-end clients that they might desire.

No matter what you do, as a lawyer, you cannot show up to court or meetings in a wrinkled suit. The retort of many lawyers is that dry cleaning is expensive. They might argue that they do not have the money to dry clean their suits regularly.

They might also argue that they do not have the time to go to a dry cleaner on a regular basis to have their clothes pressed. They might cite the time it takes to drive to and from a dry cleaner is time they cannot spend time on their cases, doing other work, etc.

The reality of the situation is that successful lawyers find ways to ensure that they look like a professional attorney at all times. They understand that they have no choice. They understand that looking great is not optional. It’s like putting on a uniform. It just has to happen.

One great way to keep your clothing looking great at all times is by using Dryell. Dryell is a home dry cleaning kit.  You can put several items of your lawyer garments in a Dryell bag with a Dryell sheet after spraying them lightly with their enhancer. You then place them in your dryer at home for about 30-minutes on a medium setting. After 30-minutes, you pull these items out of the dryer, open the garment bag, immediately hang the clothing and voila, your clothes look great again.

With Dryell, you have no excuse for not having your clothes look fantastic at all times. Dryell is a affordable. Dryell is also good for your clothing. It is certainly true that if you dry-clean your clothing too often, you can damage them or cause them not to last as long. You can also use Dryell at home. So, this does away with the time excuse.

Think about using Dryell, or other similar home dry-cleaning kits, if you have not done so before. You have to understand that you cannot show up in court or at meetings in a wrinkled suit (or other wrinkled clothing).

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