When it’s time for an office makeover

Law firm office makeoverDepending on how long you’ve been in your office location, it might be time to freshen it up.  When you work in a location for so long, you can sometimes get immune to the overall appearance.  Over time, if the appearance of an office declines, the overall success of an office can take a hit.

As I referenced in another entry, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on law firm furniture in order to make an office look nice.  It is certainly possibly to purchase furniture affordably or even used that could be an upgrade.

Regardless, if you’ve been in your office a while now, it might make sense to have somebody come through your office to give you a neutral opinion on the overall appearance.  Somebody neutral can often give you the opinion of what a client might be thinking as they come through your law office.

Does it look worn down?  Are the furniture and wall fixtures old and out of date?  Is it time to have professional carpet cleaners come through to clean the carpets?  Could the walls in your office need some touch-up painting?  Is the furniture in your office getting worn down?  What other eye sores are in your law office?

If you get a lot of negative feedback, it might be time to invest some modest funds into your office to help beautify it.  A better looking office can lead to more new cases — and higher quality cases.  A better looking office can also help raise the office morale of employees.

Again, don’t run up credit to purchase office furniture.  Don’t spend on office furniture to the extent that you cannot effectively advertise or give your favorite employees that raise they want.

But to the extent that you can do these other important items, while upgrading the overall appearance of your office responsibly, it’s certainly something to consider.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them below.

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