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Law firm storageIn a previous blog entry, I talked about the importance of setting up a network drive within your law firm.  I’ve also talked about the importance of having cloud-based practice management software.

If you don’t have both (or at least one setup in your law firm), this is likely something you should do right away.  Having a network drive and cloud based practice management software can help increase the efficiency of your law firm.

Employees ultimately need to be able to access forms and templates in some uniform place within your law firm.  This can generally be accomplished through having a network drive in your law firm.  Or, you can utilize practice management software where all your forms are uploaded and stored on the cloud.

If you use a network drive or practice management software, they should contain templates and forms, like sample pleadings, discovery, subpoenas, motions and other legal documents that your law firm frequently uses.  This network form drive should also contain templates and forms for administrative matters, like sample letter templates, fax cover sheets, memorandums, call tracker sheets, marketing, human resource, recruiting  and facilities forms and information, etc.

Obviously, what you are going to have on your network law form drive (or in your practice management software) is going to vary based on the nature of your legal practice.  But at the end of the day, you need to have something setup.  Employees need to know where it is located so they can easily access these forms.  The forms should then be neatly and logically organized so that they can easily be found.

If you have generally above average computer skills, setting up a network drive is relatively simple and easy if you just follow the steps.  However, if this is something that is above your head, it is well worth spending some money to have a computer networker come in and set this up for your law firm.

This will allow your employees to rest easier knowing that they do not have to ever recreate the wheel.  No matter what they are doing, they will easily be able to access a form or template to allow them to hit the ground running.

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