Male lawyer fashion tip: Wear a handkerchief

Lawyers and handkerchiefLet’s face it: Clients and potential clients draw conclusions based on the appearance of the attorney.  Whether lawyers like it or not, this is the way it is.

The impression you make with your clients and potential clients can make a huge difference as to the success of your law firm.  If you look the part, the quality clients will like what they see.

The objection of many attorneys relative to upgrading their wardrobe is the cost.  Many lawyers will simply conclude they can’t afford it.  This is especially true for lawyers who have racked up a fair amount of debt.  Or, many lawyers will spend so much on one or two suits, that the rest of the week their wardrobe quality falls off significantly.

As I talked about in another article, quality used clothing for lawyers can often be found online at a fraction of the cost of new clothing.  Many lawyers could buy four or five high quality used suits at the price of one new one (Armani, Hugo Boss, etc.) — if they could get over the fact it is used.

But one other small thing lawyers can do to set themselves apart is pay attention to the little details of their attire.  If lawyers pay attention to the little details, clients will assume that they the lawyer is probably paying attention to the details of their case.

One thing male lawyers can do instantly, at almost no significant cost, is begin wearing handkerchiefs.  Sure, in many ways, some attorneys would consider this old school.  But handkerchiefs are in style again.  They don’t cost much money.  And they really set a lawyer apart from the rest.

One of the niftiest things you can find online is The Hanky Buddy.  If you don’t know how to fold your handkerchief, or struggle with keeping it neatly folded throughout the day, this device makes it simple and easy.  And The Hanky Buddy is sold presently for a mere $11.99.

A package of handkerchiefs can also be found for less than $10.  So, lack of money is simply no excuse.  If you want to set yourself apart, begin wearing a handkerchief today.

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