Is pay-per-click advertising an instant jolt?

17250314_SLots of attorneys and law firms are looking for an instant increase in business.  Instead of taking their time to patiently develop a comprehensive strategy to market their firm and retain new cases, pay-per-click is one of the most popular methods many law firms take.  The expectation is that the business will just roll into the office once a campaign is up.

Does pay-per-click marketing work?  Will it quickly turn a failing (or new) law firm into a successful law firm?  Is pay-per-click advertising like steroids where you get that instant success from it?  These are the questions many ask.

In talking to one law firm owner who tried it, the response I got is that “there is no meat on the bones.”  In other words, this attorney tried it and it didn’t work.  Just doing a cost-benefit analysis, his conclusion was that it wasn’t worth it.  It simply resulted in more money coming out than coming into the law firm.  He quit doing pay-per-click advertising altogether and began marketing other ways.

Others, on the other hand, have had good success with pay-per-click marketing.  For them, it works well.  They like it and make it part of their regular marketing plan.

So, who is correct here?  Does it work or does it not?

For those who are simply looking for a quick turn-around, the reality is that turning to pay-per-click advertising is probably not going to be the quick fix you are looking for with your law firm.  On the other hand, pay-per-click advertising can work for some (with fairly deep pockets) when combined with other marketing efforts.

You need to develop a comprehensive strategy beyond the pay-per-click advertising.  After all, pay-per-click advertising is expensive.  Lots of marketing outfits will charge a lot to run and manage your campaign.  If your funds become depleted at some point, what’s your strategy if the pay-per-click has to come down for some length of time?

Beyond the pay-per-click advertising, you need a webpage that conveys the right message.  You need the right attorneys and staff at your law firm who treat leads with the seriousness they require.  You need a good intake process.  You need attorneys and staff who do great work for their clients.  You need business coming in through other avenues other than the pay-per-click advertising.

The reality of the situation is marketing a law firm is hard work.  While pay-per-click marketing works for some firms, simply turning to pay-per-click as a single quick fix will probably turn out to be a disappointment for most.

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