One big office or multiple smaller offices?

Law firm multiple office locationsMost lawyers and law firms are tempted to have one office in their locality. As their firm grows, they get rid of the smaller space and get bigger space. Or, they work out an expansion with their current landlord.

The positives of having one office are that all the law firm personnel are in location. Having all the law firm personnel in one place can make it easier to manage employees. It can make it easier to manage the facilities and technological issues that may exist in a law firm when there is a single location.

On the other hand, if you have one location, all your clients and potential clients have to travel to this single location. When clients and potential clients have to go to a single location, this can result in a law firm only appealing to individuals in a single place.

Even if a client’s case is only one county away, many clients and potential clients will not want to hire an attorney a county away. Instead, they will often opt for a lawyer who is in the county where their case exists.

Instead of having one office (even if it’s a beautiful and giant office), if you want to grow your law practice, consider having multiple smaller offices. These offices can be located in different counties. They might often be positioned in various locations within the same county.

No question having different office locations can make management more difficult. Having different office locations can also create technological and facility-related issues that your law firm will have to consider carefully. It is also important not to get into leases that are not tenant-friendly.

However, if you are looking to grow your law practice, and appeal to clients in different counties or different locations, you may want to consider the multiple office strategy. Instead of having that single office, consider having multiple smaller offices in various locations. This strategy is particularly helpful where the repetitive business is imperative in areas like traffic, personal injury, criminal, bankruptcy, personal injury, family law, and other areas.

Most clients and potential clients will not want to travel to a single location. By having locations in various places, you can grow your law practice. If other businesses like grocery stores, gas stations, drugstores, and other businesses are taking this approach, law firms should also consider it.

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