Buying the same brand and models of electronic hardware

Law firm computer equipmentThe more law firm employees you have, the more law firm equipment you can end up having to buy and maintain.  From computers, printers, copy machines, cell phones, postage machines, modems and routers and other electronic equipment you might have to maintain, it can get more cumbersome than many realize.

In a small law office, this might not seem particularly cumbersome at first.  But the more a law firm grows, the more of an issue this can become.

Take for example printers you might have in your law office.  If multiple people in the office are using different brands and models of printers, when they run out of toner, you might spend a lot of time trying to ensure that you are getting the right type of toner at the right price.  This can take a lot of time out of the day of your or other law firm employees who manage this in your firm.

It’s the same issue with computers, copy machines and cell phones.  If different people in your law office are using different brands and models, trying to maintain or repair this equipment, buy replacement parts, etc., can end up being a time drain.  It also becomes hard to know where to buy the equipment at the right price.

One way you can help make this whole process is easier is have as many people as possible in your law office using the same brand and model.  This will allow you, or whoever in your office handles this, to become very fluent in terms of maintaining and repairing this equipment.

You will then know where to go, what to buy, and what not buy, with relative ease.  You will also know who to order supplies from and who to call if there is an issue.  This can make the whole process easier and get you back to doing what is most important in your law office, which for many of you is practicing law.

In terms of what brands and models to use, there probably are not right or wrong answers.  Do thorough research on various brands and models.  Find out what is going to work for your law office.  And, then, be as uniform as possible in terms of what you buy and do not buy.

For many, this might not seem like a major issue at first.  But over time, if everything in your law office is not uniform, this can end up becoming a bigger issue than you might imagine.

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