Updating your photo on your webpage

Law firm photograph When a lawyer begins their law firm, they oftentimes have their photograph taken for promotional purposes.  This photograph then goes on the webpage.  The lawyer might that photograph on various online biographies.  They might use this photograph in other advertisements they do on the internet and otherwise.

Years go by and most lawyers just keep using the same photograph without a second thought.  For some lawyers, they might have that special photograph of themselves that was taken at the best possible angle.  They like the photograph.  They become attached to it.  And they want to keep using it.

For other lawyers, they just might become ambivalent to the idea of taking a new photograph.  They don’t see the importance.  They probably doesn’t see how having a new photograph taken trumps the other important matters on their plate.

It might even be a cost issue for some lawyers.  Why spend the money to have a new photograph taken?

In the end, if you are advertising online with a webpage or producing other promotional materials where your photograph is being used, you are going to need to update it at some point.

What’s the interval in which a new photo should be taken?  For different people, it might be different.  But most should be leery about using the same photograph for more than a couple of years at a maximum.

The photograph can become quickly outdated.  When clients come into the office, they might feel as if you do not look like the person being displayed in these advertisements.

It can also be a situation where when people see your advertisements, they skim over them because there is nothing new to see.  They might have seen this photograph repeatedly.

But with a new photograph, it can cause some to give your advertisement a second look.  Now, they have something fresh to look at in your advertisement.  When a client or other contact meets you, they also won’t be internally hung-up on why you don’t look anything like how you appear in your photograph.

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