Have you thought about a virtual receptionist?

Law firm virtual receptionistWhen the phones ring at your law firm, who is picking up?  Do you have a receptionist at your law firm?  Do individuals simply hit an auto attendant at your law firm and then select an extension?  This decision can have an important impact on your law firm.

Most clients and potential clients still like having the phone answered by a live person when they are calling.  The live person can add a sense of calm.  It can help show that your law firm is well-run.  It can help give your law firm a sense of legitimacy.  You really cannot underestimate this personal touch.

Sure, with a lot of phone systems, you can have an auto attendant simply pick up.  The auto attendant can give a directory of the law firm employees with the extension number.  Yes, it’s easy enough for most clients and potential clients to select the right extension.  By not having a receptionist, you can save some money.

The question, however, is whether this is good business?  Some might feel the auto attendant works fine for their law firm.  But for many law firms, they would still swear by the old adage that you want a live human picking up the phone.

This can be especially true with potential clients who may be calling your law firm.  Getting these potential clients in quickly can be vital to the success of your law firm.  At the same time, having a live person pick up the phone can be almost equally important for your current clients and contacts.

If you cannot afford to hire a full-time receptionist, have you considered a virtual receptionist?  There are lots of virtual and receptionist services that are out there.  You can search online for a receptionist service that can work for your law firm based on the budget and the features.

But you should at least consider this option if you do not have a receptionist at your law firm.  In terms of having more satisfied clients, the cost a virtual receptionist or receptionist service can often pay for itself.

If you have any thoughts, feel free to share them below.

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