Are you in the three-pack in Google maps?

Three-Pack Google MapsOnline marketing is essential to the online success of any law firm. If a law firm’s webpage is optimized correctly, it can result in the law firm receiving online leads.

Search engine optimization involves a multi-layered approach. A webpage first has to have rich content. Rich content results in organic backlinks to the webpage. A law firm webpage also has to be coded and designed in a search engine friendly manner.

Importance of the Three-Pack

Another critical component of search engine optimization is showing up in the three-pack in Google Maps when individuals search for a law firm in a particular location. The three-pack is below the paid ads at the top and the first couple of organic listings. Besides the one paid spot in the Google Maps, in Google, three listings show up on the first page of the search results. These three listings are popularly known as the three-pack.

In Yahoo and Bing, certain local listings show up on page one of the search results. It is vital to be one of the top local listings in Yahoo and Bing. However, since Google is the most popular search engine, the first place to start is generally for Google for any law firm.

When a law firm shows up in the three-pack, it can result in a sharp increase in leads. The three-pack is visually prominent. For those looking for a lawyer, it’s hard to miss the law firms there. Many potential clients reach out to the law firms in the three-pack before other law firms.

Tips for Being in the Three-Pack

If a law firm is not in the three pack for their areas of practice, many wonder how they can get there. Below are some simple tips:

1.) The more local listings a law firm has in local online directories can help. For this reason, law firms should seek out local linking opportunities. If need be, a law firm may hire an online marketing company to help with local listings.

2.) The more reviews a law firm has in Google can help raise a law firm into the three-pack. Accordingly, law firms should encourage their lawyers to get more reviews from happy clients.

3.) Claiming the Google listings and completing it may seem obvious, but many law firms do not do this. Many law firms do not claim their listings or only partially input all their information. To have a chance at showing up in the three-pack, a law firm has to claim their listings and give Google everything they want from descriptions of the business, the address and phone number, and pictures and videos of the business.

4.) Time and patience help in terms of getting into the there-pack as well. It is true that law firms that have been around longer had an inherent advantage. However, while time and patience are important, a law firm can enhance their chances quickly if they are diligent about following steps in this article.

5.) Linking into the Google Map Listing can also have some effect. So, linking to your Google Map listings URL from a law firm’s webpage and social media accounts and blogs can help. It might be helpful to get a link to the Google Map Listing for the law firm from the local linking efforts.

In the end, being in the three-pack in the maps is an enviable position. Law firms in the three-pack can expect substantially more calls and leads than businesses that are not.  Thus, law firms that want to succeed online should make it a priority to rank well locally.

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