Free e-mail program that can help law firms

Law Firm E-mailBeing able to read and organize e-mail is critical to the success of any law firm.  E-mail is how law firms communicate with their clients.  E-mail is often how people communicate internally.  In most law firms, it’s important to have the capability to save and archive e-mails.

One program that works well and is absolutely free is Mozilla Thunderbird.  Mozilla Thunderbird is available for PC’s and MAC’s.  When there are updates, downloading the updates are free.  Mozilla Thunderbird also has numerous options, including calendar and signature features that are easy and simple to use.

If you are starting a law firm, you can spend lots of money on computer software for your law firm.  Many law firms are tempted to spend money for the latest, greatest, most expensive and most widely known computer software.  For whatever reason, many law firms feel like they need this expensive software.

However, with software such as Open Office (or even Google Docs) and Mozilla Thunderbird, your law firm can have the software you need to make your law office work without spending any money whatsoever on expensive computer software.

This means that you will have more money in the bank for law firm advertising, for employee salaries, office space or however else you want to allocate your law firm funds.  Not spending money needlessly (and reducing overhead) can be a critical component of the success of a law firm.

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