Law Firm Meetings and Their Importance

law firm meetingsOne of the most important items a law firm can do is hold regular meetings.  These meetings can be firm-wide meetings or they can be meetings with the attorneys.  They can be meetings with the administrative and support staff included.  If you have multiple offices, they can be meetings in that individual office or can also be one-on-one.  This can vary based on the size and structure of the law firm.

At any meeting, it is important to have somebody (or multiple people) who goes through important items that need to be addressed.  It’s also might be important to go through important announcements that might affect the performance of the office.  It can involve discussions about vision or strategy.  In most instances, it usually makes sense to take questions or concerns that employees might have about various matters.

The reality is that these meetings can sometimes seem mundane.  Many might think that these meetings are not a good use of time.  They might rather spend their time simply performing important law firm tasks versus attending a meeting.  However, the reality is that law firms who do well hold regular meetings.  These regular meetings keep the firm on the same page.  It ensures that everybody is moving in the same direction.  The reality is these meetings are a must.

Here are some tips for law firm meetings to make them work:

  • These meetings need to be regular and on the calendar.  While there might be times where the meeting time needs to be changed for various reasons, as a whole, the meetings should take place at a scheduled time.  Employees should know when they are going to take place and be timely.
  • These meetings should be time-limited.  In other words, individuals need to know how much time is allotted and then be pithy in these meetings so folks can get back to work.
  • If you are running a multi-office location, think about meetings by video conference versus making everybody go to a central location.  Video conference meetings can often be just as effective as in-person meetings.
  • If taking the time to do a meeting is difficult enough, you may forget the formalities of setting a formal agenda and minutes.  While a formal agenda and minutes might seem advantageous, it may not be worth the effort.  The reality is most individuals do not spend time reading an agenda or minutes anyway.

Regardless of how you do these meetings, if you are running a law firm, consider setting up regular meetings in your law firm.  The reality is firms that do well generally hold regular meetings.

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