Avoid copy machine contracts

20364615_SLaw firms often need copy machines to keep their practice running smoothly.  This is especially true in firms that engage in substantial litigation.  Where there is substantial litigation, a copy machine can be important as it relates to discovery, trial exhibit books, and other matters.

Certainly, with the advent of technology, copy machines will slowly become less important.  In some jurisdictions, a law firm can put their exhibits on a flash drive, CD, projector, or through other electronic means for presentation in court or to comply with discovery requests.  Whether this is possible, this can save a lot of headaches.

Even then, to convert large amounts of documents to a PDF for purposes of the exchange and presentation of documents, it is often essential to have a large copy machine that can scan the documents and convert them into a PDF. For this reason, there can be a temptation to purchase or lease a new copy machine on an extended payment plan.

If you haven’t looked into this, this can be extremely expensive.  The cost of a copy machine on a lease or payment plan can result in you spending thousands of dollars.  In some instances, the cost can equal that of an automobile.  Some copy machines can even range in the five-figure range if you are going to purchase it new.  If you enter into a lease, you can spend a similar figure.  And if you miss a single payment, the copy machine can be repossessed and your law firm credit effected.

Versus entering into this extended copy machine contracts, a used copy machine where you pay cash for the entire cost is often a better bet.  Used copy machines can be found easily on eBay, traveled, or by looking through your local paper.  Many of these used copy machines can be had for a couple thousand to several hundred dollars.  These are often the copy machines that have been repossessed because somebody else didn’t make the payments.

If repairs are needed, you can find individuals who can repair your copy machine as needed, just like you would with your automobile.  And the beauty is when no repairs are needed, you literally have no repetitive copy machine costs.  If you purchase a copy machine in relatively good shape, you might spend no money on the copy machine for many months or longer beyond the cost of toner.  Toner, however, can be found online through various webpages at reasonable prices.

The copy machine salespeople may try to convince you that purchasing or leasing a new machine is worth it.  The reality is you can save a lot of money by buying a used copy machine.  When the cost of the repairs get too high, simply discard the old machine and purchase another used one.  By doing so, you still come out ahead and keep the law firm overhead low.

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