Consulting Services

Kirk Stange SpeakingMany lawyers and law firms are looking for consulting help for law firm practice management matters.  For example, they may have questions related to a litany of issues from:

  • Marketing;
  • Management;
  • Recruiting;
  • Technology; and/or
  • Facilities.

Kirk Stange has more than a decade of experience growing, building and maintaining one of the largest family law firms in the country.  He began in a single office in 2007. He now has a family law law firm with 20 offices in 4 different states with approximately 100 employees.

In building and maintaining this law firm, Mr. Stange has gained substantial experience in marketing, management, recruiting, technology and facilities-related issues that law firms face. Lots of self-professed consulting experts on the web claim they can help, but few have created a law firm as large as Mr. Stange has built with Stange Law Firm.

Mr. Stange can help you devise a marketing plan to quickly grow your law firm, including developing a plan to market your law firm online. He can also help you implement policies and procedures to help you manage and maintain it. If you also have questions about management, technology or facilities issues, Mr. Stange can help provide you input.

In addition to consulting, Mr. Stange is also available to speak to those who are looking for law firm practice management information. Mr. Stange has spoken for various organizations on legal and practice management topics from the Missouri Bar, the National Business Institute, myLawCLE, the 8th Circuit Judicial Conference and other organizations. The Missouri Bar publicly recognized Mr. Stange in 2017 for helping educate Missouri Lawyers.

Mr. Stange is on the FindLaw Innovation Board due to his knowledge of law firm marketing. Mr. Stange has also spoken for the Missouri Bar on “How to Build and Manage Success.” Mr. Stange has also spoken on technology issues for the Missouri Bar.

If you are a lawyer or law firm and interested in receiving consulting advice, you can send an inquiry from our contact page with your name, phone number and other relevant information or by emailing